Balloon Collection | مجموعة البالونات

  • Tiara Headband Balloon | بالون للرأس للأطفال

    Tiara Headband Balloon | بالون للرأس للأطفال

    Festival Season Cartoon Aluminum Film Headband Balloon collections. Headband design,suitable for kid & Adults. Before inflatable size: 15.7 x 11.8 inch. Headband balloons Hight quality and safety. Made of high quality aluminum foil, auto-sealing, no leaks. Perfect for party, birthday, baby shower, celebration and other special occasions.

    QAR 20,00

  • Animal Wrist Balloon | بالونة الإسوارة

    Animal Wrist Balloon | بالونة الإسوارة

    Hand Wearing Cartoon Animal Wrist Balloon. The Cartoon Animal Wrist Balloon Hand Wearing is a playful and imaginative toy that features a soft and comfortable wristband with a cute and colorful cartoon animal-shaped balloon attached to it. Made of high-quality aluminum foil, with self-sealing design, durable and not easy to leak Occasions: Birthday Party, Children's Day, Party Shape Style: Cartoon Animal

    QAR 20,00

  • Balloons  with Sprinkle Confetti | مجموعة بالونات ملونة بالسبرنكلز

    Balloons with Sprinkle Confetti | مجموعة بالونات ملونة بالسبرنكلز

    Description: We all know how much children love to play with balloons. While keeping their interest in mind, we are presenting a Balloons Set with Sprinkle Confetti.  The color of the balloon we have used is white so that the sprinkles can be easily seen and sprinkles are made from colorful material to make a best, attractive and beautiful combination.  Size: about 10x5x1cm Festival Balloon Material: latex Beautiful Balloon. Quantity: 1 pcs  

    QAR 10,00

  • Ice Cream Series Balloons

    Ice Cream Series Balloons

    The ice cream series balloons are made of high-quality aluminum foil, which is durable and not easy to break, this collection are Perfect for themed party, birthday party, baby showers, graduations, family reunions, etc. Material: Aluminum Foil Size:  Approx. 69 x 47cm party ice cream balloons.

    QAR 70,00

  • Dinosaur Foil Balloons

    Dinosaur Foil Balloons

    Dinosaur themed foil balloon collection. Cartoon Character: Baby Roar Dinosaur Balloons Material Type(s): Foil Size: 35 Inch HELIUM SUPPORTED | DURABLE 

    QAR 70,00

  • Animal  Balloons

    Animal Balloons

    Elevate Your Celebration with Our Animal Pattern Latex Balloons! Crafted from top-quality latex, these balloons are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that your party remains vibrant and fun throughout the entire celebration. Whether you choose helium or air, these balloons are easy to inflate. Material: 100% natural latex Dimension: 12 inch

    QAR 10,00

  • Foil Balloons

    Foil Balloons

    We offer a wide variety of 3D foil balloons to choose from, so you're sure to find the perfect ones for your next celebration. Shop our selection today and add a touch of fun and excitement to your party! Material: Aluminum foil Made of high quality aluminum foil, auto-sealing, no leaks.  

    QAR 70,00

  • pink latex balloon set

    Pearls Balloon Set - 10 Pcs

    Introducing our delightful Balloon Set, Each set includes 10 high-quality, helium-grade latex balloons in a vibrant assortment of colors that will brighten up your space and create a festive atmosphere. These balloons are easy to inflate and can be used with helium or air, so you have flexibility in how you choose to decorate. Material : Premium Latex Shape : Oval Shape 10 Balloons in Each Set

    QAR 100,00

  • confetti balloon set with multi color

    Balloons Set with Sprinkle Confetti - 10 Pcs | مجموعة بالونات ملونة بالسبرنكلز

    Introducing our vibrant Confetti Balloon Set, the perfect way to add a pop of color and excitement to any celebration! Each set includes 10 premium latex balloons filled with a delightful confetti burst of shimmering color. These balloons are perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and any event that calls for a touch of sparkle. 10 Balloons in Each Set Vibrant Colors Confetti-Filled Delight Material : Latex Size: 10 inch

    QAR 100,00


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