Fatma's Story | قصة فاطمة


Originally called 'Designed by Fatma', a signature brand started in 2008 by VCU Communications Art and Design graduate Fatma Al Kuwari as a venture supplying personalized gifting, invitations and card designs to family and friends. An adoration for the industry grew strong and lead to Fatma taking her designs and offerings public in 2010.


With her passion for creative packaging, Gifts by Fatma started supplying Ramadan and Eid special occasional gift boxes which gained great popularity and people started to take notice of her designs and talent for customization. Fatma's Garangao favor boxes sold 10,000 units in just 3 days, taking Gifts by Fatma to new heights.


In 2011, the same year Instagram was launched, @By_Fatma was created and while studying postgraduate International Marketing and Communications in London, this new platform became a channel for Fatma to show her designs and offerings, all curated between her studies. For Eid and Ramadan, Fatma was still able to create exciting new collections for customers and felt the reward of bringing love and delight to people’s special moments played an immense part in being Qatari and living her values.


Today, Gifts by Fatma operates online and has a showroom store in Porto Arabia, The Pearl. It aims to celebrate the richness of Qatari life, culture, the language and its people within all By Fatma designs and creations. In doing this, By Fatma showcases some of the nation’s richest design elements as seen on century old traditional items, reworked in a bold and signature manner, showing off the sophistication of Qatari culture in new ways. Fatma’s inspired designs create a statement which is for all to appreciate and uphold the lands legacy as well as give a joyous feeling of nostalgia for what it was like growing up in Doha and is aimed at appealing to all those who live in and visit Qatar.


Al-Kuwari’s aesthetic will find greeting cards, notebooks, sticky notes and other stationery, uniquely-designed gift boxes, wrapping paper, paper bags, and accessories such as leather bags, phone cases, laptop bags as well as a newer home ware range. Fatma shared that the gifts she creates use heart felt and meaningful words and phrases in Arabic, such as on her greeting card designs. “… I want those words to be used by many people. It’s also a way to teach non-Qatari people the wonderful side of the Qatari language” and for them to see how we cherish and celebrate with one another.

The By Fatma collection can be seen in various locations around Qatar as well as products from other Qatari artists and designers can be seen in our store as we collaborate with and show our support for like-minded entrepreneurs. For "the love of art and design connects people and this bond cannot be broken".

By Fatma is also available for personalization projects and corporate offerings. To find out more, please get in touch or fill in a personalization request linked from the main menu.


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